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PointCab Applications for your Business

Intro to PointCab software & modules +where they fit in your operation

  • 30 minutes

Service Description

30 minute intro consult, providing an overview of PointCab software & modules +where they fit in your operation.Walk thru and review of the tools included with our various software packages, and common applications for these features. Now sure which product will cover all of your pointcloud processing needs? Let's step thru a sample workflow to connect your hardware outputs to your existing CAD, GIS or other ecosystem. Let us show you our favorite pointcloud data processing suite, PointCab Origins Pro. USE COUPON CODE 'CONNECTTHEDOTS' for 100% off this booking!

Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to cancel (or possibly reschedule) any meeting if not paid in full by the time meeting begins. NO PAYMENT, NO MEETING. Thankyou for understanding and supporting small business. If any issue is to arise with checkout, and the meeting is reserved with the payment form not appearing, you will be liable for the amount billed for this meeting, plus applicable deposit. It is your responsibility to pay for the services requested.

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