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In The Map Lady's 3rd Iteration since inception, well, 2nd since the official incorporation in 2017, it was decided that the company would expand beyond providing consultation, training, and system deployment 


services. In early 2021 TML entered into strategic partnerships with several hardware and software companies to provide our clients with a direct source for the geospatial goods that are most appropriate for creating and processing their own spatial data. We are looking to add a couple new products every month and are excited to have access to an expanding list of machines and programs capable of connecting reality capture scenes with geographically enabled

data, to reveal hidden patterns and gather the information that their operations call for.  In short, The Map Lady now provides the resources most compatible with their original equipment training services- the geospatial hardware and software products themselves!


The Map Lady has made arrangements to provide financing options. We have selected CIT Group as our exclusive resource to finance purchases of equipment and geospatial technology solutions. It is now simple and readily accessible for even start ups to purchase mapping equipment and pay over time. Businesses 0 to 2 years in can access up to $250k at rates close to that of most auto loans. Only difference is these tools can likely find their value and pay themselves off way quicker than most vehicles you coud purchase. 

It may be worth noting, that my enthusiasm around the options provided by CIT is that they are the group that provided The Map Lady with the inital funding for our first company vehicle, so I am comfortable verifying that they are a polite and legitimate resource, especially after enabling my small business that is sometime viewed as 'unconventional' to other lenders. This finance move quickly gave my business some assets and subsequently real value. I commend CIT for providing start ups in the technology sector with ways and means to take off! 


In mid January 2021, The Map Lady recieved the last email we would recieve for 6 month.  We reclaimed access to our inbox in July 2021, however no emails recieved during the outage were recovered. This was certainly a headache for our team, but we would could imagine it may have been frustrating for anyone who encountered the Mailer Daemon well. 

Resolving this issue required an entire relaunch of, hence the fresh new site. You can be sure that outreach and reconnection will be one of the handful of upcoming campaigns, however, if you have attempted to contact us durin the first half of 2021, we invite you to resend your message, bring that it likely was not recieved. 

The Map Lady would like to once again apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we look forward to hearing from anyone we may have missed due to this detrimental glitch. 

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