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3D Scanning, SLAM LiDAR,  Multispectral, 360 Cams,
& Sensors

GPS/GNSS, Base and Rover, Ground Control, & Track Logging 

UAS, UGV, UUGV, UUWS, Vehicle Based & Wearable Mapping Systems

Custom Attachments, Control Targets, Field tools and other accessories

The Map Lady is your best source for classic and cutting-edge geospatial tools and mapping systems. Our experience and documentation of deploying these solutions at scale in built and natural environments has yielded defined sets of best practices, as well as an awareness of the strengths and limitations of each system in real world scenarios.  

TML has sourced a variety of hardware components capable of operating in unison, plus a software catalog that is also arranged for wide selection of functionality.

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Hardware is the first and arguably the most determining component of any geodata journey. If you are selecting your first LiDAR scanner, we are available to assist in the start to good data management during the launch of your geodatabase… Compatible PCs, data storage options and accessories are also available in our shop.

Conversely, if your team is adding something new to your geospatial stable, or creating a vehicle specific mobile mapping system, we offer service and instruction for your technology integration, with solutions for the physical sensor arrangement and calibration, output data registration, automated scanning routines, and resources for creating temporal data sets by joining newly created data with existing, or time series for change detection…

Featured Hardware

Feature Hardware

TML BadElfCircle-Horizontal-Transparent-WhiteLetters.png

A versatile and easy to understand, high precision GNSS

with onboard  data logging and LCD or iOS/Android app based control

offering RTK, SBAS, and L-Band connectivity, and pricing based on precision capabilities

<1cm - 10cm, 10cm to 20cm, 1m 

your Controller!

Integrated Systems

Custom Builds & Integrated Systems

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