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eMotion - Flight Planning Software by SenseFly

eMotion - Flight Planning Software by SenseFly

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Beginner-friendly, yet packed with advanced features to tackle the toughest jobs, our eMotion flight planning software optimizes every step, helping to get your eBee Ag in the air quickly and with ease, so you can focus on what’s important - collecting and analyzing plant heath and operations data critical to your field(s). 


With eMotion, flights are built using mission blocks. Just choose your block, highlight the region you want to map, define key settings, and eMotion auto-generates your drone’s flight plan. Multi-flight missions are supported and you can activate/import elevation data for even safer, terrain-accurate flights.


Upload your flight plan wirelessly to your drone. After a simple hand launch, your eBee Ag drone will then fly, capture images and land by itself.


eMotion’s built-in Flight Data Manager automatically handles the georeferencing & preparation of images required for post-processing in software such as Pix4Dmapper or Pix4Dfields

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