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Provider of Hardware, Software, and Accessory Products for 3D Mapping, Survey, Building Modeling, or Reality Capture.

Offering Education, Training, and Systems Integration Services.

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Latest News

The Map Lady LLC Steps Up as US MVAR for PointCab GmbH

Tucson based, Woman Owned Small Business, The Map Lady LLC, has partnered with PointCab of Stuttgart Germany as Master Reseller for their software in the United States. PointCab's core program, PointCab Origins, is a robust toolkit for processing LiDAR or photogrammetry derived pointclouds into a tremendous list of outputs for use in GIS, BIM, Mining Applications, Report Generation and much more.

While the application and program details can be found on The Map Lady's PointCab landing page, Taylor explains what this means for the US market and PointCab users:

Screenshot (130).png

"Our partnership with PointCab creates a direct channel to express the needs of the American Market directly to the team in Germany, and they are very receptive to client requests. After making the trip to Stuttgart to meet the team, I recognized that the people from the other side of our routine zoom meetings

truly shared the passion for problem-solving in 3D, understanding how these tools are used differently within a given vertical, and providing our clients & partners with an experience that is never transactional but accessible & enriching."

If you are interested in these software tools, adding this program to your store shelves, or accessing a free software demo, you can find these resources HERE.

More on this partnership from LiDAR NEWS:


In The Map Lady's 3rd Iteration since inception, well, 2nd since the official incorporation in 2017, it was decided that the company would expand beyond providing consultation, training, and system deployment services.

In early 2021 TML entered into strategic partnerships with several hardware and software companies to provide our clients with a direct source for the geospatial goods that are most appropriate for creating and processing their own spatial data. We are looking to add a couple new products every month and are excited to have access to an expanding list of machines and programs capable of connecting reality capture scenes with geographically enabled data, to reveal hidden patterns and gather the information that their operations call for. 


In short, The Map Lady now provides the resources most compatible with their original equipment training services- the geospatial hardware and software products themselves!


Our Products and Services 

There is a lot of reason behind most anything that our company chooses to partake in or promote, and we hope our offerings reflect this. The Map Lady can source nearly anything you could need for 3D Mapping, however, the products that we provide are congruent with our beliefs and our partners that produce these tools promote good business within the geospatial sector. Data ownership, privacy, transparency and honesty around operational capabilities and product quality, must be demonstrated for a product to wind up on our shelves and the groups responsible for these solutions shall enable the democratization of high technology, individual empowerment, and inclusivity. It is our objective to make these tools available along with aptitude and the ability to utilize them on an expert level and for more than just the purpose they may have been acquired for.

Our partnerships, reseller agreements, distribution channels and ambassadorships allow for direct lines of communication to the right people within these companies, so we can provide you with the best experience when making a hardware or software purchase from The Map Lady. These relationships also lend a hand to our unparalleled post-purchase support, guidance, update relay service (a software/firmware release digest, to stay current!), and product know how, as your success is our success.


That being said, if you are looking for a product or service that you do not see listed, it is quite possible we can provide it- we encourage you to reach out with such inquiries.


Finally, The Map Lady may occasionally be available for hire on data collection, reality capture, or scanning projects, but it is our preference to provide training services or consult on the best practices for the given environment and desired data deliverable. There are many reasons for groups in the private and public sector to move towards ‘In-House’ data capture, as opposed to hiring out 3rd party service providers.


It is our preference to provide education around data consistency and interoperability, chain of custody considerations, certainty in data post processing, geodatabase / digital twin implementation, and the many benefits of a ‘scan routine’, as your proficiency in these items is our vision of customer success.

Updates arriving with Late August Newsletter. Here are some items we have on our mind for the near future:
  • The Return of In-Person Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Looking for a few new products:
  • List of Grants, RFPs, Bids and Opportunities

Current Projects and Happenings

Check back-
Portions of our work are under NDA, while others we cannot stop talking about! But for now, this section is still under construction




If your GIS operations have lead your company towards data creation, and you are finding the mapping process leading you away from a desk and to the field, you are not alone. Because aircraft or UAVs are no longer a requirement for 3D mapping with LiDAR or Photogrammetry, the user base is expanding. The Map Lady is a supplier of these mobile LiDAR systems, plus other sensors, vehicles, specialty cameras and spatial measurement devices  that were previously reserved for use by survey professionals. We can also outfit you with the best computers and mobile devices.

Looking for something you don't see listed in our shop? The Map Lady can source most any equipment.  Instruction and maintenance also available

Educational Resources + Specialized Training

We have chosen a business model geared towards technology sales enhanced by education and user support, as opposed to a shift to providing mapping services, we are selecting to build teams as we simultaneously build solutions. The outcome of this is an amplified uptake of the technology due to an added value. "In-house’ groups find more uses for their new tools when they hold the knowledge to create solutions beyond the original reason for the technology acquisition.

TML provides both free and paid instruction as we recognize the benefit of a skilled user base.

Trainings may be in-person, online, requested by 3rd parties, live, or per-recorded.

Hired Expertise

The Map Lady got started by providing maps, apps, and reports for stakeholders of all sorts. We were contracted by public, private and non-profit groups under various terms, as project scope ranged from a single map product or data sheet, to living geodatabases with data collection apps, installed and configured to run long after TML had left their office.  This often was accompanied by instruction and guidance for those that would continue to utilize or add to these deliverables.

Fast forward to today and tech support, project support, custom mapping vehicle development and trainings of all sort dot the service menu. If immediate assistance is required, hourly support can be provided. Those looking for guest lectures, or to teach their team the best practices for 3d Mapping, can find that here as well

Industry Insights

As our favorite mapping technologies come into an age of uptake, some serious wildcards are appearing in the 3D and Mapping arena. Disruption is found amongst the more traditional providers of geospatial services as groups reassess the level of accuracy or detail required for a given application.


Certainly, there are trends within each industry and common requests seen within different sectors. These match with traditional operations within these niche, and The Map Lady is versed in many.

Information products about who is creating data and how it is used provides for market insights. Industry and application decks will be available for paid download


A quick call to detail your required end product or your current workflow will determine the best program(s) in our catalog for your task at hand. TML is happy to demonstrate how to use a variety of software to morph data into properly formatted knowledge.  Our software page houses a record of software updates, free tools, our partner products, and several ways to get a hold of us, so we may find the program that will get you to where you are trying to be.

Shop PointCloud Art & Decor, By The Map Lady

We have chosen a business model geared towards technology sales enhanced by education and user support, as opposed to a shift to providing mapping services we are selecting to build teams as we simultaneously build solutions. The outcome of this is an amplified uptake of the technology due to an added value, as ‘inhouse’ groups find more uses for their new tools, for they hold the knowledge to create solutions beyond the one that was the original reason for the technology acquisition.

TML provides both free and paid instruction as we recognize the benefit of a skilled user base, as we just noted.