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Process PointCloud data into 2D or 3D data deliverables for GIS, CAD, Illustrative or Reporting Purposes.

Georeference PointClouds, create floor plans, measure areas or volumes, register multiple scans, and automatically document your work.

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Software Spotlight:

               Let’s say, you have just began capturing your own LiDAR data.   Perhaps your company is grabbing floor plans or measurements with an iPhone or a tablet, or even better:  you are creating pointclouds that span city blocks or acres of woodland, using Terrestrial or Mobile LiDAR scanners, such as those produced by Emesent or GeoSLAM. Your team is familiar with either CAD or GIS, but you are starting to notice that the data you typically consume is a bit more formatted than the raw outputs from these devices...


Raw, Unprocessed Pointcloud

  • At 0,0,0. No CRS, oriented along incorrect axis

  • Undesirable file type, no metadata

  • Noisy, beyond AOI,

  • Unaccountable Data loss during unknown process

  • Unstructedured Data, Millions of lines of data and each read as object

  • CAD cannot use non-solid object

When your scanner outputs or mobile device offloads are missing key metadata or is not readily processed using your go-to software, it is crucial to assign these attributes, account for processing methods, and transform file types with zero loss ASAP.

You do not want bad data or errors to carry.

It is ideal to limit the programs required to reach your desired deliverable or data point.

Process and edit all pointclouds. Convert between pointcloud, vector, CAD and image filetypes without effecting precision or level of detail.

Generate Reports and visuals to travel with your data.

Automatically Document all object movements, adjustments and processes applied.

Create attributes and metadata to travel with your pointcloud.

The Uber Pointcloud Translator: Transform and manage features with spatial attribution; Extentions for Real Time CAD and BIM modeling 

The latest from PointCab:

Now connecting pointclouds to graphics programs and much more. PointCab Origins for mac OS creates

unique connections within the apple ecosystem- No longer are we confined to a single OS.

Origins Software Available for mac OS!

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PointCab Share
NOW Included with
All Editions of ORigins

Too often, there is a final consideration over looked by either the client or provider- If the data from a scanning mission scales exponentially or if a stakeholder is looking for an immersive experience, this in itself can become a project of its own and often at a high cost. Introducing PointCab Share....


Students Interested in working with PointCab are eligible for exclusive discounts!

Academic Discounts Resume for 2021-2022

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Mass Mobile LiDAR: iPhone 12 & 13 Use Cases

PointCab Origins is the ultimate translator of 3d Mobie LiDAR Data, including meshes and pointcloud. Upcoming online tutorial to detail methods for creating interoperable geodata with rich metadata and record of post processing methods.

The Map Lady named PointCab MVAR for USA


If you are looking for PointCab software OR a PointCab software dealership, look no further. As Master Value Added Reseller, or MVAR, The Map Lady provides management of the US Channel, but also serves as a liaison for the US and Americas Market, helping to create solutions that benefit our unique market by connecting domestic  consumer demand to our incredible development team in Stuttgart, Germany. 

More information on your Americas MVAR and Dealership Opportunities below, under 'Become a PointCab Dealer'.

Purchase Options

Purchase Options

Modules and Applications:

Raster, Vector, AND Pointcloud Data.

Along with shapefiles and DTMs, these XYZs with scalar attributes are increasingly deployed in GIS. Simultaneously, pointclouds sent to  AR/VR or BIM applications are being moved ‘behind the scenes’, part of a trend towards concealing the pointcloud  from end users. Both of these trends speak to the malleable nature of pointclouds and are the result of improved post processing methods for TLS, Mobile LiDAR systems, and Mobile Mapper/UAS derived data.

Pointcab can transform 3D pointclouds into a variety of file types that are more common and readily consumed by most anyone with a computer. This is done using tools within PointCab Origins, or Modules, that are also capable of providing reference, cloud to cloud registration, volumetric calculations and pre- formed reports, to name a few.

Before we continue this esoteric geometry/market trends discussion, I would like to introduce a company and software that is providing users with proficiency in both geometry and fulfilling client requests. It is with much excitement that The Map Lady LLC has entered an agreement with PointCab GmbH, based out of Stuttgart, to serve as VAR and liaison to The United States and North America.

I have relied on Pointcab's programs since I started working with my own 'home-made" pointclouds.  The visualization of data, extensive list of compatible file types, and automatic documentation of workflow in real time is unparalleled. As someone who has entered this arena from the 'GIS corner', I am impressed by how this software handles real-world coordinates with zero loss or distortion; processed pointclouds and resulting data, including .shp,.dxf, .dwg, and .rcp, all maintain their positions and spatial attribution. Admittedly, Origins Pro 4Revit was my initial foray into BIM, and I am grateful that I was able to learn through the lens of pointclouds and GIS.

These featured programs are the ultimate translator of Mobile LiDAR data. The outputs from Origins load into Autodesk or ESRI seamlessly and reports that include immersive perspectives and first person POV can be opened on any device in PDF form. Additionally, PointCab Share is included with all versions of Origins. Results are interoperable and with all of these  export options, most any stakeholder will be able to access, understand, and make decisions with the data and information before them.The dots are already connected.

The Map Lady trusts that anyone looking to bridge the gap from their scanners' output to their existing BIM or GIS workflow, can make this connection with the PointCab Software suite. Our partnership with PointCab creates a direct channel to express the needs of the American Market directly to the team in Germany, and they are very receptive to client requests. Between the innovative PointCab team and The Map Lady's applied experience, we can get your pointcouds where you need them to be, and assure that your team can do so as well!

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